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Refreshing Drink

Refreshing Drink

apple cider vinegar weight loss

Image by Urban Woodswalker

Drinking a lot of water was hard to do. to keep track of how many of these measured bottles I needed to drink each day (6-7) I put the same amount of rubber bands around my stainless steel water bottle (no plastics for me–to dangerous IMO).

I start with all the bands at the top each morning, and every time I drink a bottle a band comes down. by the end of the day, all the bands are at the bottom. EASY!

My favorite healthy ice cold drink… water, with 1.5 Tablespoons unpasturised RAW apple cider vinegar and some natural stevia sweetener to taste. for extra kick, I squeeze 1 big slice of lemon into it. I love tart robust flavor.

I drink this every day.