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The Most Effective Weight Loss Diet Needs 3 Key Elements

http://www.getleanin12.com/blog/fast-easy-weight-loss/weight-loss-diet/ Watch and discover the 3 key elements that you need for healthy, fast easy weight loss.

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Most effective workout for weight loss?

Question by Littlefoot: Most effective workout for weight loss?

I’m definitely suffering from college weight gain and would like to trim back up again. I used to do martial arts and was in it for about 5 years before having to quit because it cost too much. I’m 5′ 0″ and currently 125 pounds–at peak physical shape during my martial arts years I was 112 (my current weight might not seem like much, but for my height and particular figure it’s quite noticeable). So the question is, should I go about getting fit through cardio work on an elliptical/treadmill, or should I do some sort of high-intensity or circuit training? I’d like to do this within a reasonable amount of time–two to three months with a steady, healthy weight loss of about ten to fifteen pounds. Where I live, bikini season starts early in the year, so I’d like to feel a little more comfortable in my skin when the time rolls around 🙂
I unfortunately can’t afford to take any sort of instructional classes or programs. All I have is my school gym that is included in my tuition, so it’ll have to be self-guided exercise.