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Weight Loss Help

Need help losing weight? Can’t seem to overcome the same challenges time and time again? Well, if so, this lengthy weight loss video will give you the help, …

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Best Weight Loss Programs to help you lose weight

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Foods that Help to Lose Weight Fast & Naturally at Home

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5 Drinks to Help You Lose Weight

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Super Weird Weight Loss Tips To Help You Eat Less!

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What vitamins help with weight loss?

Question by Lexi22: What vitamins help with weight loss?

I am currently trying to lose weight and have been watching what I am eating and working out 5 times a week… I was wondering if anyone knew what seeds, oils, or vitamins help digestion or weight loss.

I do not want any diet pills or appetite suppressants, only all natural please.

Need help with weight loss & exercise?

Question by Steph: Need help with weight loss & exercise?

I have been exercising for approximately 1 month now. I have lost about 3 pounds in that month. How can I shed more pounds without shedding too much too fast? Surely I can aim for 5-7 pounds a month without that being too much. I have along way to go to get to my goal weight.

need help in diet plan for weight loss?

Question by Pradeep: need help in diet plan for weight loss?

Hi, I am from India and I am planning to loose body fat. I was going to gym regularly but did not see much results since I did not change my diet. I am from south India and my meal consists of rice and dal. I get lost when I see the diet plans.

1. Some tell that carbs are necessary but some tell to avoid rice? Why is carbs necessary and what is the best food for carbohydrate ?

2. About saturated and unsaturated dat. Do we need fat while reducing body fat and if necessary what should be the quantity?

3. What should be my pre workout meal and post workout meal? I am a vegetarian and I am a software engineer so that make my job sedentary.

4. Also since I go to the gym in the evenings (7pm), and I have my lunch at 2PM, i will be feeling hungry by the time I plan to go to gym and this makes me to eat something @ 6PM after which either I do not feel like going to gym or I skip my dinner.

What should I do for all the points mentioned above. I am a vegetarian and take eggs..

Boost Metabolism With Foods That Help Burn Belly Fat and Weight Loss

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Help needed with rapid weight loss?

Question by Annie Strychnine: Help needed with rapid weight loss?

I need to loose a lot of weight. Since starting a new medication in the summer I have gained 30 pounds. I can not stop taking the med, its not an option and I have been put on a pill that increases my sensitivity to insulin to decrease appetite as well as an oral contraceptive, which some of my friends say increases weight too.

I have joined a gym recently but still have not much clue on what to do there. My current routine is 30 min on the ellipse and then 15-25 on the cycle then 15 minutes of abs.I work a lot and do not have much time for the gym. Does any one have specific answers on a good gym routine especially for thighs hips tummy love handles and upper harms that can be done in an hour or so at the gym.,

Obviously exercise is not enough, I need a strict and specific diet but have no one to consult because I am not made out of money. I cant use weight loss products like hydroxy cut because of the nature of the medications i am on. Can anyone help?