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Elizabeth asks…

What is a good college in California?

I am looking for a college in California and was wonder what you all thought. I really was to do something with sports and or nutrition. I was looking at Cal Poly but was wonder what else was out there. Advice?

mikiesen answers:

The top ranking schools in the world that are based in California are
UC Berkeley
UC San Diego
UC Davis
UC Santa Barbara
UC Irvine
Claremont Colleges
These are some of the best in world so they would be the best that California can offer to you, these schools are hard to get in of course
Stanford is the hardest to get into followed by USC, UC Berkeley and UCLA.

I dont know what you are talking about when you want to do something in sports, because that can mean anything. Like if you want to do sports broadcasting or the such, I recommend applying to USC, they have a business program where you can focus on sports and stuff like that.

Cal Poly Luis Obismo or Cal Poly Pomona are both technical schools of the California State University system meaning they are focused in engineering and computer science.

Some schools that are good in California are Cal State Long Beach, Cal State Fullerton, San Diego State, Fresno State and San Francisco State and of course both Cal Poly campuses.

I think if you want to do nutrition you can do that at any school
The Cal States are easier to get into than the schools I listed above
some schools like San Diego State and Long Beach State are impacted meaning that they they have alot of students applying for the limited space they have. Cal States application are much easier too because they don’t require a personal statement.

David asks…

is it hard to learn how to pole dance?

i went to a club last night and i was playing on the stripper pole all night, now today all my muscles are burning like it was an awesome work out!

so now i really want to learn and take classes.
i know you have to be in good shape obviously.. but i’m talking flexibility.. do you need to be super flexible? like a gymnast or something cause i am not too flexible.

mikiesen answers:

You got a taste of what is to come when it comes to pole dancing as far as your body.

You will be sore. You will get bruises and you will be tired. When that occurs, do still continue to be physically active. It is recommended with any sport or work out to stretch and do light cardo on those sore days. It helps unsore you and to build up that muscle.

You do not have to be a gymnast and you can gain flexibility by practice, stretching and warm ups.

Search and call around for places offering pole fitness lessons in your area. If you are in the San Diego/ Oceanside or L.A area, I can recommend a few places, one of which I took lessons at in Vista, CA.
Laura, instructor, at one of her competitions she did. (she didn’t like the whole stripper format they did but she did this for fun. P.S…she is a stripper and wants to focus more on pole fitness). She is fun, down to earth and will work with you on your own level. That is the type of teachers that are the best.


What also helps is to have your own pole in your home to practice on. I do recommend X pole. I do not recommend any cheap pole like peakaboo, carmen electra or any other pole like those.

What I also did was use my wall to help me build arm strength by doing hand stands (plus balance) as some moves started me out doing a hand stand to the pole.

I learned to do my first cartwheel at the beach. (Sand is awesome to land in lol). So I also did a lot of my work outs there, especially the sand and swiming in the ocean for cardio.

I got in good shape after I started to take these classes. She gave advice on nutrition, warm ups and practices.

Many girls who take pole fitness are not in shape. In fact, some girls was over weight and wanted to get in shape, some just had a baby and wanted to help get that baby weight off, some wanted to adventure into something exotic for personal use (husband’s/boyfriend) and some wanted to further their exotic career in the clubs. Etc.

There isn’t one set format of people that take these classes.

If you have a 24/hour fitness gym membership, locate one in your area and see if they have the 24/hour Tease. It is a fitness dance/erotic class to help cardio, boost self confidence and to get into dance mode. Pole fitness in itself is pole tricks and intermix of dance moves inn between.

Don asks…

Hey all, I’ve been accepted into 4 UC’s- Irvine, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Davis…?

I’m having a hard time deciding where I want to go. I’m really rooting for Davis because it is the only UC that offers Nutriton Science and Exercise Biology majors. I know after college I want to pursue a career in sport medicine or sports nutrition. I understand UCSD is a fantastic and very presitigious university, and I’ve been told its a huge honor to be accepted. However a vast majority of their majors focus on physics, engineering, math, and computer science. Not exactly my cup of tea. So if i turned down that offer and attended davis, which isnt exactly at the top, would it be a silly decison?? I’m a San Diego native so it’d be ahuge transition for me. How does Davis rank academically?? What about the campus life? I’d appreciate the oppinions!! 🙂

mikiesen answers:

Err, SD is ranked higher than Davis, but it’s not that huge a jump really. If you like Davis a lot better and has the majors you want that SD doesn’t, go there. SD is ranked higher, but it’s more of an incremental increase. Berkeley and UCLA trump SD by the same amount that SD trumps Davis so it’s not like SD is the best thing since sliced bread.

Davis will be a HUGE transition for you. In my opinion, nowhere in the entire US (including Hawaii and Puerto Rico) have as nice weather as San Diego. Davis is this little cow town that gets 110+ in the summer and below 30 in the winter. You can have fun at both places though. Since you’re from SD, you’ll do a lot better than others cuz you have friends and stuff outside of school. Frankly, I found UC San Diego far more boring than Davis, despite UCSD being in a much better city.

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