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John asks…

How do nutritionists find nutrition facts in food and drink?

When I look at a bag of chips or a bottle of Coke, I see the nutrition facts. Then I always wonder, how do they find this out? Anyone out there that knows the REAL way?

mikiesen answers:

There are the most common ways:
The company sends their food to the laboratory for chemical testing. The lab burns the sample then tests for the exact amount of vitamins and minerals.

Or instead of sending food to a laboratory, the company uses a database of foods that have Already been analyzed. They type in how much of each ingredient, serving size & cooking method to get the nutrition facts.


Davina asks…

How do you create a nutrition facts label?

A nutrition facts label is required on most pre-packaged food in North America. How would someone go about creating one for one of their products?

mikiesen answers:

This is actually a great question, I’ve been through this and I can tell you this; if you will produce more than 10,000 units or will have I believe 10 or more employees then you need a nutrition label and it needs to be displayed in certain areas. You can find an independent food lab in the yellow pages under laboratory. Now things may of changed so I would suggest going to the FDA website ( just type in business in the search bar and you’ll find tons of info regarding policies. I would suggest if you are serious, finding out if a college near you deals with the culinary arts and if they have any cross classes in business that may help people out for class projects etc.

Alana asks…

Where can i find the nutrition facts for the food at The Cheesecake Factory?

im on the website and i want to find th nutrition facts for the sheperds pie, the pecan strawberry waffles and a couple other things… please help?

mikiesen answers:


Cheesecake Factory Calorie Counter

Jim asks…

What is the font type used on Nutrition Facts labels?

I am doing a graphic design project where I need to recreate a nutrition facts label. Anyone know the font type used in the standard nutrition facts label? I don’t care about font size. I will figure that out myself. I just want to know the font type. Thanks!

mikiesen answers:

What for what country?

In Canada the template you get from the government is done in Quark and in Helvetica (Regular & Bold) or Helvetica Condensed (Regular & Bold) depending on the size it falls under. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in that face, the rules in constructions state:

“The characters in the nutrition facts table
•Shall be displayed in a single standard sans serif font that is not decorative and in such a manner that the characters never touch each other or the rules (B.01.450(3)(a));”

In case your in the US I just found a thing on the FDA’s rules..

Tile “Nutrition Facts” can be in Franklin Gothic Heavy or Helvetica Black, then everything else is in Helvetica and Helvetica Black.

Once you get through all the loquacious government BS you can find all the rules and regulations. Everything is very specific from type sizes, rule sizes, and leading.

Here is a link for the US which would help you out if your from there

Hope that helps

Kirstie asks…

What are the nutrition facts for 4 slices of mushroom and black olive pizza from Benito’s?

it was a medium, so i had about half, i want full nutrition facts, or if not, then calories will do

mikiesen answers:

Try I hear you can find nutrition facts for just about any kind of food.

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