Introduction to Affiliate Programs

Affiliate program, also known as referral programs,
pay-per-click programs or pay-per-sale programs
(and more) are generally very easy to sign up for and some even
offer a nearly instant cash flow.

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They are designed as a way to “direct” the traffic coming
to your website to generate revenue, without the
complexity and expense of selling any of your own

Instead, you earn a commission or flat fee for
each sale or click generated from the link on your site.

Affiliate programs are typically offered by sites
selling goods or services.

There is nearly no limit to the kinds of products or
services that can be sold on a site that offers an
affiliate program.

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There are, however, some affiliate programs are based
on other types of transactions such as sign ups
for freebies such as newsletters or digital products.

The array of offerings made by affiliate programs is ever-growing.
Many affiliate programs pay on a commission basis, though
as I mentioned earlier some pay a flat fee.
The range in pay, whether it be commission-based or
fee-based, can vary greatly from program to program.

Some flat fees are as little $0.05 or as much as $10.00
or more, while some commissions can be as little
as 1% to high as 50%. Much
of this depends on the products being offered.

As is typical in any kind of business, whether it’s a
brick and mortar or web-based business, the more you learn
the more you earn.

If you’re considering going into an affiliate program you
may be wise to start out with a more basic, lowering-paying
program to learn the ropes.

Once you’ve been in a program and you’re comfortable and
confident with it, you may be able to move on to the other,
higher-paying programs.

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