Belly dancing is a beautiful dance form thats been around for centuries. It’s an ancient Egyptian art with direct and relevant health benefits for today’s busy life style. It is a universal art of spirituality and self expression that also builds and sustains a healthy physique.

Sohaila inspires dancers of ALL ages to take this beautiful art form and conform it to each every individuals style with artistic expression and individualized impression.

Belly dancing is also a form of birthing tool to make your childbirth easier. Belly dancing for childbirth has been around for centuries and it continues to be used in parts of the Mid East such as Tunisia and Morocco. Some research shows that belly dancing started as a birthing tool to help mothers to-be have an easier childbirth. When in labor the mom to be has friends belly dancing around her with emphasis on specific belly dance moves which incorporates many slow undulating moves, hip circles and figure eight motions. She then will mimic these various undulating moves.

Benefits of Belly Dance In Pregnancy

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