3 Tips to Help Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Everyone knows,

that from thanksgiving to January 1st is the worst time of year for weight loss and the best time of year for weight gain. Then you spend the first half of the year trying toi loose it again. On average people usually gain between 5-10lbs (plus or minis 1 or 2 lbs) during this time. Here are 3 tips to help you loose those pesky pounds.

1. Stay Accountable! post your goals to the public (facebook,etc.), If you don’t tell anyone then there will not be anyone to help you reach them. One way to stay accountable for your own progress is to involve a friend or family member to help you. Find a friend or family member to share your goals with and make sure that friend or family member helps you stays on track with your workouts and with your eating. Motivattion and support from friends or family members go a long way. Try is to get involved in groups to help you reach your goals. Some family members and friends make packs to keep themselves from eating too much during this timeframe. Some friends and families even have little contests to see who can keep from gaining the most weight during the holidays. For example, you can set up a bowl or a jar and agreed that for every pound somebody gains, you put the money in the jar and by the time January 1 comes around whoever gain the least amount away wins the money. Just think I much money would be in the jar by the end two or three months, especially eating so much during this time.

2. Keep Moving The reality is, most of us will eat and drink way too much at some point during the holiday season. Make sure you exercise and keep moving through the holiday season. No matter what, find a way to walk everyday even if it’s walking around the house or inside your bedroom, get on the treadmill for 10 or 15 minutes a day. Many communities host 5K Walk/Runs this time of year, in Seattle we just got done with the jingle Bell run and it was cold, the temperature was between 20° and 30°. Get some friends or family together and sign up for one, you’ll have fun. Working out on Thanksgiving morning is especially popular because you get your blood flowing before the big meal.

3. Never Quit, never give up, chances are, most people will struggle with keeping on track throughout this time of the year. There are so many parties to go to and treats everywhere you look to snack on, it’s hard to say no all the time. Whatever happens, no matter how badly you may want to give in to the temptations, don’t quit and never give up. Don’t throw in the towel on your goals because you did it again and ate too much on Thanksgiving day. Get up, walk around a bit, and get back on your quest to be nutritionally fit. One or two bad days should not cause you to give up especially when you know you’re going to win that money and that jar on January 1. Keep going. Enjoy the holidays, but do it in a healthy way. Get family and friends involved with what you’re trying to do, always try to walk everyday, and don’t lose sight of your goals after eating too much on Thanksgiving or having that extra piece of pie and extra scoop of ice cream on top. If you need more motivation don’t hesitate to call a friend or family member that’s what they’re there for. Within each of us lies the ability to push beyond what we think is impossible to achieve the possible. True progress lies between us and ourselves the familiar and the unfamiliar. When we strive to rise up it transforms us, transforms and creates changes in ourselves and our loved ones. Take one more step, one extra second, to make the difference between same and change. Everyone is here for a different reason, this is your journey, this is your change. Don’t wait start now.


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